Well, hello there.

I'm Angela.

About me

Angela Sabas
Singapore; Philippines
Frontend engineer, SingTel Digital Media

I've been making websites for 12 years: it started like a whirlwind romance but the passion has stayed with me through all these years.

I think the best thing about the Internet is that it brings people together and gives us freedom to express ourselves.

That is my passion, and that is what I aim to accomplish with the work I do.

What I do

Yahoo! 360plus

I serve as the primary frontend engineer Yahoo! 360plus, the leading blogging product in Vietnam targeted for teens and young adults.

I manage localization, market-specific enhancement, and maintenance on the product; the most recent work we've done is to revamp the user interface to a more unified, cohesive look as well as improve code for performance and maintenance.

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Dan's WordPress-powered portfolio was designed by someone else, and implemented as a WordPress theme by myself. WordPress setup, custom plugins, and a customized theme were all that was needed to get the portfolio up and running.

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Enthusiast is my downloadable, linkware script for fanlisting and collective management. What started as a simple hobby project, has grown into a popular script, becoming one of the most widely-used scripts in the community.

Flexible and feature-rich, the script can be used to run multiple listing websites (fanlistings, cliques, directories) across multiple domains and with multiple co-owners. Styling and customization is easy with templates and armed with your regular CSS, and upgrading across multiple listings is quickly done.

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My scripts archive contains various scripts for free download and linkware use.

In addition to Enthusiast, SiteSkin allows for easy and lightweight website skinning, and LJ Magpie lets you quickly embed Livejournal posts into any website. Worth a special mention is The Icon Table Generator, for quickly organizing icons and avatars into table or liquid rows for posting in forums and blogs.

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Yahoo! 360plus redesign influence

Influence on design, content hierarchy, and user experience on the Yahoo! 360plus revamp. 360plus is the largest blogging product in Vietnam, targeted for teenagers and young adults

  • New gallery page compared to older gallery page (both owner view)
  • New photo page compared to older photo page
  • New posts list page compared to older posts list page
  • New uploader page compared to older uploader page

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Yahoo! Answers Messenger plugin

The Yahoo! Answers Messenger plugin was released regionally to bring Answers closer to market via Yahoo! Messenger. The design was also adapted for use in the SEA region's Yahoo! Frontpages, as part of the public announcement module.

  • Yahoo! Answers Messenger plugin with panel tray pulled out
  • Frontpage PA module screenshot

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Some recent musings

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